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He’s been called the Einstein of Nutrition. But he was a mechanical genius too, with countless patents and inventions to his name that can be found in everything from standing food mixers to electric dental drills. He was also a farmer, a researcher, an activist, and a philanthropist who was decorated by humanitarian and scientific societies alike. Yet few people today have featuredever heard of Dr. Royal Lee.

It’s a sad truth that people ahead of their time are often maligned in their time. Our mission at is not to exaggerate the works of this great man but to present them fairly, so that minds of the current age can assess for themselves the scope and merit of his contributions to humankind, particularly in the field to which he dedicated his life, human nutrition.

Only in retrospect can the greatness of some be truly appreciated. It’s time for history to catch up to Dr. Royal Lee.

Featured Works

  • The Truth About Vitamins
    In this illuminating excerpt from a lecture to a group of physicians in 1963, Dr. Lee explains the critical difference between a natural vitamin and a synthetic one and presents some eye-opening evidence showing the difference between the two-
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  • Dr. Lee Proposes the Theory of Autoimmune Disease
    In 1946, Lee released his book Protomorphology, in which he presented the radical idea that dead cells of damaged tissues in the body elicit an “auto allergy” by causing the creation of antibodies to the proteins in the - cells. While the medical community dismissed Lee’s ideas, it now acknowledges autoimmune disorder to be the main mechanism behind numerous degenerative diseases. In this audio clip from Lectures of Dr. Royal Lee Volume II, Dr. Lee explains his hypothesis - in remarkably clear terms.
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  • The Special Nutritional Qualities of Natural Foods
    In this famous 1942 report, Dr. Lee and Jerome Stolzoff contrast the characteristics of real food with those of their artificial crude imitations. “Because of the denaturation of foods by refining and processing, we are overeating the fattening and energy-producing components in foods and literally starving for the vital vitamin and mineral factors, which have become far scarcer and more difficult to obtain than at any time in the history of the human race.” Still ahead of the times, this report is as important today as the day it was published.
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  • How Organized Medicine is Fighting Vitamins
    In this riveting personal account, Dr. Lee describes the legal battle that led him to discover that organized medicine was actively working to discredit and suppress nutritional approaches to health. He also documents evidence of how the medical-pharmaceutical industries had formed what was in essence a cartel aimed at controlling the healing arts and destroying any threat to its control over the nation's healthcare.
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